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  1. Domain NameTime LeftCurrent Bid
  2. 556689.com19h, 58m200 RMB
  3. 8887766.com20h, 28m200 RMB
  4. itzn.com20h, 28m220 RMB
  5. 5u.biz20h, 48m200 RMB
  6. liangrou.com1d, 19h240 RMB
  7. 20086.cn1d, 19h220 RMB
  8. 1-b.cn1d, 19h200 RMB
  9. jianhun.com.cn1d, 19h220 RMB
  10. 14981.com1d, 20h220 RMB
  11. 40288.com1d, 20h260 RMB

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