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Secure Domain Escrow

Looking for the safest way to buy or sell domain names? 4.CN helps you with your domain transfer! If you are conducting your transaction through the 4.CN Marketplace, we offer our escrow services as part of our service.

We also offer domain escrow services for transactions occurring outside of the 4.CN Marketplace. 4.CN’s Domain Escrow Services protect both the seller and the buyer to ensure that the domain sale goes smoothly and as quickly as possible. Don’t take chances with your domain name sales, protect them through 4.CN’s premium domain escrow service.

  • Protects Seller - holds domain until funds are verified.
  • Protects Buyer - holds funds until domain transferred.
  • 4.CN acts as a 3rd party, protecting buyer and seller.
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Why use our service?

Guarantee your domain transactions with the escrow service behind the industry's leading marketplace.

  • Safe, Secure, Quick, Guaranteed service!
  • Domain is transferred only after 4.CN receives and verifies the buyer's payment.
  • Payment is disbursed to the seller only after the buyer confirms a successful domain transfer.
  • 8 % Domain Name Escrow fee (no minimum) can be paid by either the buyer or seller.

The 4.CN Escrow Guarantee : if the transaction can not be completed for any reason, the buyer will receive a full refund and the seller will keep their domain. We protect both the buyer and seller and ensure that neither party will suffer the loss of property, either funds or the domain.

4.CN Domain Escrow Process

To get started with the 4.CN Domain Escrow service, just follow these four steps:

1.Buyer and Seller make agreement.

The Buyer and the Seller Sign Up on 4.CN and agree the details of their transaction

2.Buyer sends payment to 4.CN Escrow Account

The Buyer sends payment to 4.CN, and 4.CN verifies the payment. Processing time varies by payment method and country. The Seller is notified of the payment being made.

3.Seller initiates Domain Name Transfer process

After payment is secure, 4.CN works with both parties and their registrars to quickly and securely transfer the domain ownership to the Buyer.

4.4.CN releases funds to Seller

Once the Buyer has confirmed control of the domain name or 4.CN can confirm that the Buyer is the owner of the domain name, we release the funds to the Seller's account and the transaction is finished.

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